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16 april 2019 8:27 pm

Date of event: 21-05-2019

Time start-end: 18:00 Arrival, 21:00 Drinks

Date closing of registration: 20-05-2019

Locations of the event: The Hague Tech

Language of event:  English

Spots available:  50

Event main category: 2 Words That Will Elevate You: Public Speaking

About the workshop

Warren Buffett says that Public Speaking is that single skill that instantly boosts a person’s value by 50 percent! That’s not a marketing tagline or joke…that’s absolutely true. Our speaker, Ali, has made a career in marketing and coaching solely because of his skills as a Public Speaker. He is a Public Speaking trainer, marketing specialist and entrepreneur with multiple ventures in Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. He believes that it’s his skillset that have afforded him the opportunities he has received in the past. He would like to help others expand their careers and land new opportunities by helping them gain skills such as Public Speaking.

He is the co-founder of Soft Skills Hub, an 8-week programme that helps young professionals improve their soft skills, in The Hague. He has been a speaker at Cambridge Innovation Center Rotterdam, Hackathon for Peace, Justice and Security, Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship, Emerging Markets Bootcamp, Outside Inc. and more.

Overview of the program/timetable:

In this programme, you will learn the importance of Public Speaking and gain insight into practical methods and psychological tools to communicate at every level. Regardless of the size of the audience, these tools will help you in every situation of communication. From holding an intimate and personal conversation to giving a presentation at work or getting your message across in a meeting. Such skills are transferrable and applicable in more than one area of life.

18:00-18:30 doors open

18:30-19:15 presentation

19:45-20:00 break

20:00-20:45 practical session

20:45-21:00 closure

21:00- …  drinks

Practical information:

The Hague Tech is a 5-minute walk from The Hague Central Station and is easily accessibly by trams 2 and 6 (Ternoot station)


Zijn de kaarten voor dit event uitverkocht, maar wil je er toch heel graag bij zijn? Stuur dan een mailtje naar match.maand.denhaag@gmail.com o.v.v. “Reservelijst [EVENT NAAM]”. We zetten je dan op de reservelijst. Mochten er afmeldingen zijn, krijg je van ons een mailtje.

Ticket Type Prijs Mandje


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