Last Thursday YTH organized a Cyber Security event at Dryve in The Hague. What did we actually talk about? It is clear to everyone that there is an increase of cyber-crime in the world. But why this trend and why should we be careful and protect ourselves?

We are simply part of the digital transformation: there are more and more transactions done and therefore more chances for the criminals. The corporate networks tend to be more open due to the use of the Cloud and responsive interface. Companies ask vendors and customers to join their networks. Criminals try to exploit this by any means, such a gaining information illegally. The damage of cybercrime in the world is estimated at 450 billion euro per year and we all are at risk. It appears that 30% of all mobile phones are compromised. So what about yours?

John Sinteur from Radically Open Security shared his insights on how we can and should protect ourselves. Don’t connect your devices to Wi-Fi unless necessary. USB’s are your biggest enemies; don’t use someone else’s USB stick! Update your phone software regularly. Use password manager! Are you already getting nervous? Relax, most likely you are already hacked ? It normally takes around 6 months before it becomes obvious!


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