Founders in the picture: Maria Salgado Domiguez (Pels Rijcken), Barbara Heijtveldt (YTH), Danny Honigh (YTH), Wouter Admiraal (Pels Rijcken), Gaby Nijzingh-Mos (YTH), Alison Middleton (YTH), Daniel Ohmann (Pels Rijcken), Anne-Marie Frissen (YTH), Peter Peeters (YTH), Joep Ebus (YTH)

Photographer: Loes Amperse (Pels Rijcken)

Other founders: Frederik Verloove (YTH), Daniel Biernoth (YTH), Charlotte Rugers (YTH), Francesco Marelli (YTH), Karen Verstege (YTH)


A brief review about the origins of Young The Hague.


In 2009, the youth networks of the State, the Municipality of The Hague and several major companies from The Hague including Shell, Siemens, AEGON and KPN have sat around the table together. They wanted to reduce the boundaries between business and government through cooperation, strengthen the ties between young professionals and the city of The Hague and have young professionals meet each other. Business and government of The Hague received this initiative enthusiastically, but even more by young professionals in The Hague!

The official YoungTheHague kick-off is October 7, 2010 in the presence of Mayor van Aartsen, the CEOs of Shell, Siemens, KPN and AEGON, the Secretary General of the Ministry of General Affairs and as many as 350 young professionals.

By organizing the following YTH meeting at the Peace Palace, focusing on “The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice,” YTH has expanded the network. A large number of the 250 young professionals present were from the international institutions in The Hague, including the International Court of Justice and the ICTY.

This has also made YTH a network for young professionals who are part of the large international community in The Hague.

Foundation (Stichting) YoungTheHague

Friday, December 10, 2010, the formal establishment of Foundation YoungTheHague has taken place. With the expert guidance of Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn and a number of YP’s in particular, YTH has been able to achieve everything in record time. Once again on behalf of all YTH-ers: Thanks!