This month we switch to English for the interview, because we have a French – The Hague based entrepreneur in the spotlight! This former banker switched to entrepreneur and started his own venture “The Barbershop & Co”… and don’t let the name fool you; it’s way more than a Barbershop! And it doesn’t stop there; any idea how to make money with trash? Vince has an idea!

In the spotlight this newsletter
Who: Vincent Michel
Originally from: France
What: he works and lives in The Hague
Where: World Trash Centre (his new company in constitution, for now still operating under The Barbershop & Co )
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Idealistic capitalist & Adventurer

So why did you swap from the Banking World to your own venture?
Vince: I was looking for a new adventure and I had an idea. With the economic crisis it became more difficult for starting entrepreneurs to get a loan; a capital to start their own business. And I came up with the idea to fill this gap and help ambitious and talented people to follow their dream and start their business, by opening a conscious capitalist community building. Here they get the opportunity to show the world what they are capable of, for a small budget, hence for a limited risk. So in short I had a great idea and it was time to take some risk myself!

What exactly is The Barbershop & Co?
Vince: a concept store where entrepreneurs can rent square meters. As a result we HAD a wide range of different entrepreneurs within the store, from a barber, to a second hand shop for smartphones/tablets and laptops and a real estate agent.

And what about new adventures?
Vince: It’s now time to shift to new adventures. My latest project is re-using milk and juice cartons (Tetra pak) for other purposes. Why? Because if you think about it; you pay for a drink (including a carton), you throw it away (and don’t get money for it), and we all pay a trash company to collect trash (including the cartons). I came up with an idea to re-use this abundant, free and long lasting material and make house isolation material of it: ISOTetra. My cool idea is on the top of the list for this years “Duurzame Dinsdag” at September 1st 2015.

I can talk in length about this idea and even create a new local currency backed by trash 😉 .. but maybe it’s easier to watch my TED-talk.

Wow! You sound more like an idealist?
Vince: I see myself more as an idealistic capitalist; giving back to your community (less trash, more local jobs) and making profit!


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